Total donations

We are very grateful for the generous support! Thank you so much! Our hearts are full! Here are some numbers worth sharing. They cover the charges and donations from Aug. 15, 2016 to Jan. 4, 2018:

$213,448.07 billed to Charles Scoville by his attorneys through November 3, 2017. Two bills totaling $4,210.00 were written off in September 2017.

$112,428.28 was paid from money from Charles’ parents

$  21,845.14 was paid by money from Charles’ parents’ family and friends

$  80,339.11 was paid from donation from Charles’ friends and TM members


As of Oct. 23, 2017, charges through June 30, 2017:

$149,800.23 was paid to Peggy Hunt, the Receiver, her attorneys, and her staff out of seized funds that totaled over $49 million as of July 2016. The temporary restraining order freezes assets from use by Charles and TM members, but Peggy Hunt is allowed to pay herself, her attorneys, and her staff out of seized funds.